1. Charlie Rose is only one who can interview Qt. This interviewer sounded like a prick .

  2. I thought Tarantino handled the interview quite well. The interviewer was a prick though.

  3. Inglorious Bastards is never going to be finished. I’m willing to bet money on that.

  4. anyone else think tarantino sounded kinda arrogant? i mean, i love the guy to death, even though we’re getting screwed right now cause he doesn’t feel like making a new flick, but he sounded really full of himself.
    not necessarily surprising by any means, i just have never noticed that arrogance from him before in any interviews or anything. i always noticed a passion of film, not of himself.

  5. Misterpink867,
    Tarantino is my favorite screenwriter/director of all time. I own all his movies, all his soundtracks, read his interviews, own several of his movie’s posters, etc. But as much as I love him as a film maker, I agree that he seems like a jerk in real life. He seems very full of himself (he sent his Death Proof script to Bob Dylan because he said it was like poetry…what cocky a move. His dialogue is nothing like Dylan’s lyrics). The video of him going crazy in the previous entry also shows his short temper. And then there is the flight attendant he made cry because he didn’t want to switch seats or something along those lines. I have heard nothing but laziness (taking years off between projects) and arrogance from him. I have come to accept that I will always love his movies and the entertainment he puts out, but will just know that he is kind of an asshole in real life. It is a shame really.

  6. butch,
    i cannot agree more. i too have all the movies, the soundtracks, the posters, scripts, etc., and it is a shame that he is the way he is. having followed a select few other favorite directors of mine the same way that i follow QT, it seems that most are this way. it’s sad because i’ve always wondered how cool it would be to sit around and talk film with QT. obviously, this would never happen, but if i were to get that chance, i have a feeling that the entire affair would leave a bad taste in my mouth.
    i’m an aspiring filmmaker, hoping to do something with film, but i also know that the chances of me going to hollywood and making big budget flicks are pretty slim. having said that, if i were to be a part of some big miracle, and i were to get to direct the big stuff, i have always told myself to try and help everyone i can along the way. people talk about how britney spears or hillary duff are role models for teenage girls and they should be careful about how they act – the same (in a twisted way) goes for the fans of directors like QT. studying his films, his style, his choice of actors, music etc. is great. but seeing interviews and news about their real lives and how they interact with other human beings is a confirmation that there will always be douchebags in the world.
    long post, i know, but i guess i have come to the same realization that you have. i will always love the man’s movies, and i will be first in line if he ever decides to make another, but it’s sad knowing that a man whose work i admire so much, is a man who i would never want to be like.

  7. ButchtheBoxer and MisterPink have down 100%.The posts are absolutely correct when speaking of Tarantino.

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