1. Happy birthday Quentin (although he probably won’t read this since he probably doesn’t even know this site exists)! Now get out there and give me “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair”! Oh, and Inglorious Bastards better not be like Death Proof (ie: Not good).

  2. Happy birthday Quentin! Call me if you shoot your next film. i’ll be your assistant

  3. Hey man happy fuckin birthday to the man of horror and disspair.

  4. what age did he say that he would stop making flicks at again? i can’t remember. was it 50?

  5. Quentin’s a pretty big procrastinator, hopefully he procrastinates his retirement too.

  6. That reminds me…I need to find something old that’s new to me: “My Best Friend’s Birthday”.
    I know there’s only the first 40-42 minutes of it remaining. Any opinions?

  7. There is easy way to see that Quentin Tarantino unfinished project. You’ll find all parts of this movie in YouTube.

  8. happy birthday!
    p.s. I have always had a crush on u!

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