Inglorious Bastards (1977) DVD Special Edition

The original Inglorious Bastards film that provided Quentin his inspiration for his upcoming film of the same name is being re-released on DVD in two versions – a standard DVD release and a 3 disc special edition.

In the hour-plus making-of featurette on disc two, skip past the first 40 minutes of rusty remembrances to get to how special effects guru Gino “Bombardone” De Rossi built balsa-wood artillery after the Italian police confiscated the production’s dummy guns. (Also good: behind-the-scenes footage of the explosive bridge and train station set pieces.) According to De Rossi, the film called for more than 450 pounds of gunpowder, which explains how pyrotechnics remained fresh even as the military vehicles and stuntmen were recycled from shot to shot.
But the main attraction is certainly the dynamic between Tarantino and Castellari, mutually starstruck as the younger director teases his next feature (“I realized it’s like two movies, and so the first one is what I’m doing now”) and debates whether to co-opt his idol’s love for slow-motion action sequences.


The Tarantino Murders?

Thats the headline on Drudge right now. Why is it that whenever there is a brutal murder in Europe, the media or the police always seem to drag Quentin Tarantino’s name into it?

One detective compared the killings to a Quentin Tarantino film.
He said: “The scale of the violence is extraordinary. This was like a scene from a Tarantino gangster film but these men were not criminals. These were two talented and innocent men who had no history of criminality.”

UPDATE: The Tarantino reference has been scrubbed from this article (the quote above was in the piece originally). But not all traces of connection to QT has been removed, the URL of the article still has his name in it.