Hell Ride Taking A Beating

The reviews for Hell Ride (a Quentin Tarantino Presents… film) are not good so far.

Hell Ride is authentic in its neo-mystical flashbacks, its attempted mythic connection with the outlaw tradition and its excesses – violence and nudity. It’s also pretty much plotless, with story lapses that have people recovering from an arrow to the chest, torturing and executing bit players for crimes we haven’t seen them commit, all in a world with no cops.
The acting is bad enough that when a decent player has a scene, you notice how awful everyone else is. The dialogue is laughably arch and repetitive.


Mike Myers Added To Bastards

This one’s a head-scratcher – Mike Myers has been cast in Inglorious Bastards [thanks Saiaf]. He’ll play a British military mastermind who hatches a plot to kill Nazi leaders. Well, at least he isn’t playing ‘Fat Bastard’.
I’m getting a little concerned about the cast so far. I’m sure QT will be able to pull this together, but it seems more like the cast of a WW2 spoof movie than I would expect.


Adam Sandler Out Of Inglorious Bastards

One of the earliest casting rumors for Inglorious Bastards was Adam Sandler – way back in 2003, but it seems that Quentin’s rush to get this movie completed has conflicted with Sandler’s schedule and he won’t be a part of the project.

Yeah it’s true. It is, and I read the script, it’s fantastic. But I’m shooting at the very same time. I won’t be able to do it. I’m doing a movie with Judd Apatow at the same time so that’s not going to happen, but I did read it. It is awesome.”