Hell Ride Taking A Beating

The reviews for Hell Ride (a Quentin Tarantino Presents… film) are not good so far.

Hell Ride is authentic in its neo-mystical flashbacks, its attempted mythic connection with the outlaw tradition and its excesses – violence and nudity. It’s also pretty much plotless, with story lapses that have people recovering from an arrow to the chest, torturing and executing bit players for crimes we haven’t seen them commit, all in a world with no cops.
The acting is bad enough that when a decent player has a scene, you notice how awful everyone else is. The dialogue is laughably arch and repetitive.



  1. Critics are worthless. I can’t understand why we people keep reading their reviews. We allow these idiots to get payed for writing a load of s-hit. They no nothing about film. I hope Roger Ebert AKA Darkman, will die soon. As for all the losers who write their own reviews online for free, “Stop writing your retarded reviews.” “No one wants to hear your dumb f-uck opinions.” People need to form their own conclusions about a film. Right or wrong.

  2. “No one wants to hear your dumb f-uck opinions.”
    Kind of like how no one wants to hear your always negative opinions on this website. Quit bitching about everything and get a life.

  3. BURN!!! I second that!! Just go back through a few of your own comments posted in recent feedbacks John and think about what you just typed.

  4. Critics are worthless just as you are, and just as I am. Everyone has an opinion, they just get paid for theirs because they know how to doll it up, package it, and send it out to the masses.
    Have you seen Hell Ride? Can you actually speak to the quality of this film? I’m not asking that as any sort of attack, I just haven’t found a theater playing it in my area and wondered if it was that much worth defending to wish death upon Roger Ebert.

  5. Its fun to see the fat pathetic nerds of the internet unite to fight a common enemy, THE TRUTH.

  6. Let me tell all of you one thing. I’ve seen this film and have enjoyed. Granted to enjoy this film you must be a fan of biker/exploitation films. This is not for everyone. Like the director Larry Bishop said, “If you’re a fan of sex, violence, and fun, you’ll enjoy this film.” From prior experience, Roger Ebert loves neither of these. Although his judgment is not that sound because I once saw him give a good review of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Nevertheless, Hell Ride is an excellent chapter into the biker/exploitation realm. Displaying a monumental amount of tits, badasses, and ultra-cool violence.

  7. its fun to watch john post more than anyone else on the board and call other people nerds

  8. This looks like the best movie ever made. No way that it sucks. Satanic bikers on drugs, with bad ass, half naked chicks rule! I can’t wait to see it!

  9. why does a movie have to have a great script to be considered a good movie? its entertainment! if its fun to watch, thats enough for me, lighten up.

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