Tarantino A Has-Been?

Quentin Tarantino versus Sylvester Stallone is being called,

“The Gunfight at the Has-Been Corral”

They are basically talking about Stallone’s The Expendables versus QT’s Inglourious Basterds. Yikes. This is one of the harshest mainstream press articles I’ve ever seen about Quentin. Get a load of this.

Tarantino’s insistence on making his film became something of a joke. A journalist for The Irish Times quipped: “Inglorious Bastards, a war movie that may eventually resemble The irty Dozen merged with Cross of Iron, has been predicted more often than the second coming of the Lord.”

The film is finally in production, with a cast that includes Brad Pitt and Samuel L Jackson, but already there are ructions because Tarantino wants to make it into two three-hour movies. After the Grindhouse fiasco, however, he is facing strong studio opposition.