Quentin Tarantino Burlesque Film Festival

Tonight is the 2nd Annual Quentin Tarantino Burlesque Film Festival.

A burlesque show inspired by the genius that is Quentin Tarantino.
Guns, blood, vampires, serial killers, tassels, bible quotes, nurses, swords, school girls, snakes, pussy, theft, great music and a cheeseburger royale!
Coming off a sold out show on July 20th, it’s your last chance to see it this year! Only the Monday Night Tease!, LA’s longest running weekly burlesque show, dares to top the talent of Mr Tarentino by mocking him in a burlesque tribute. Providing 18 performers covering 10 films, the show provides numbers inspired by iconic films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, and even pays homage to Reservoir Dogs with a Ms Blond led bloodbath of near nakedness.

Advance tickets $20 available here
3 Clubs
1123 Vine St.
(Vine at Santa Monica)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Monday July 27th, 2009
Bar Opens: 8pm
Seating Starts: 9:30pm
Show Starts: 10pm
Cover charge: $25 at door, if available


COMIC CON to screen BASTERDS this weekend

Harry Knowles and the fine folks at AICN are reporting that a top secret (well…that is…top secret until now) screening of the shorter, more stream-lined, American-audiences-cut of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS will be available for screening for a select few attendees of everyone’s favorite comic and media convention in San Diego this Saturday, July 25th.
For the full skinny, check out the original article.


Where will Lt. Aldo Raine rank in the Tarantinoverse?

With INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS a little over a month away from it’s U.S. debut the question of the moment is where will Brad Pitt’s Lt. Aldo Raine, Eli Roth’s Donny Donowitz and the other Basterds rank in the vast and memorable library of Tarantino characters?

With that in mind we would like to know not only where you think they will stack up, but also who you think are QT’s coolest and most memorable characters?

Who do you like? The Bride? Vic or Vincent Vega? Mr. Blonde? Stuntman Mike? Mr. White? Jules Winnfield? Bill? Seth Gecko?

Chime in and let us know what you think. And remember, fix your bayonets, strap on your helmets and prepare for the coming of the Basterds, August 21.


QT And The Critics

QT tells critics what he thinks of them. This is exactly the kind of attitude a public figure, in any field, has to have to remain successful.

I respect criticism. But I know more about film than most of the people writing about me. Not only that, I’m a better writer than most of the people writing about me. And I can write film criticism better than most of the people writing about me. [My goal was] to get the biggest standing ovation of the festival, and I got it [...] Sometimes it’s your time to be Elvis, and that was my time.