Hate Mail

Thought you might enjoy some of the hate mail I get for having the nerve to run a website about a guy making movies.

I am guessing your website is all about Quentin Tarintino,
I saw ‘Inglorious Basterds’,
was bored by the dialog, and sickened by the violence.
Mr Tarintino seems to take every opportunity to show this..and he should be arrested, or committed to an asylum,
and yet, you dedicate your precious time maintaining a website in in his honor.
In this particular movie it seems that the audience were meant to relate to or support the ‘heros’ regular mutilation and reveling in taking human life.
Do you notice that so often in Quentins movies the ‘good’ guys take some pleasue in revenge, or laugh at someones pain or misfortune ?
This is not what a good soldier, hero, or ordinary person ever does.
Quentin is unintentionally revealing his sadistic nature, he is emotionally defective, an idiot psychotic.
And yet, you pathetic worms, dedicate a website to the morbid, uninspiring tripe that he regularly vomits onto the screen.
You are participating in his self absorbed, violent fantasy.
You disgust me.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
You are the enemies of humanity, worse than Nazis ever were.

So I’m worse than the Nazi’s, but he’s the one advocating that Tarantino be arrested for filming fictional violence. Just can’t make this shit up.