1. Ofcourse, i hope Quentin wins these, and Christoph Waltz better fucking win best supporting actor, but honestly i dont think basterds can win best picture of the year, for me it was best picture AMAZING AMAZING movie, but i just dont think it’ll win sadly, for best screenplay though i really hope he wins, he’s been working on this movie for so long poor guy

  2. I can’t agree more with the Anonymous.
    I am so happy Mr. Tarantino got the nomination which he so well deserved, but I feel that Hollywood is not matured enough or prepared enough to give awards to Tarantino films. So never mind the film awards, true movie fans do understand which was the Best Movie, Best Director, Best Screenplay of this year. It’s Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ !
    And Mr. Christoph Waltz of course deserves all the highest recognition the actor can get from his role.
    By the way, I’ve already bought screeplay of Inglourious Basterds and
    it is really great to read to feel what a genius Mr. Tarantino is!
    and I also got DVD and I think I am going to see it every other day ! Wow!
    Love this film ! Love Tarantino !

  3. In response to the above two comments. The sad truth is the public LOVES and recognizes the genius put in every detail of any Quentin Tarantino film! This was an incredibly beautiful display of talent coming from all directions of the industry! Every area of this film excelled! No stone left unturned!
    A masterpiece!

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