1. i dont think he should do a prequel or sequel i think he made IB perfect and any additions might kind of ruin it

  2. Great movie……..
    music just as good , couldn’t stop laughing, had its soft parts. Glad to have seen , what a refreshing break. Up there with The Departed.

  3. Mmmmmmmm…..I feel torn apart…part of me want to read/watch the prequel/sequels, and part of me do not.
    Simply because “IB” is a cinematic masterpiece…
    But should Mr. Tarantino goes for it, what the heck! I will support him, all the way as his die-hard fans.
    Wishing him all the best and further and bigger success always!

  4. I mostly agree with the authors above. I think I.B. was a masterpiece! I would be first in line, to watch a prequel/sequel of I.B.. But if he still has the creativity(which im confident he does) Why not let it flow and move on to uncharted lands. Do something completely different like a spaghetti western, which he’s been saying he wants to do. And hell through pitt in there if he still wants to work with him. Just dont be stagnant, keep reinventing yourself. Cause quite frankly, your the best at what you do!

  5. Hear, hear, Anonymous has said it all, I believe,what most of the fans of QT has to say.
    That’s a bingo!

  6. Oh please no prequel. I typically am a big fan of QT, but this movie sucked! It was truly awful, completely inacurate account of history. So very disappointed.

  7. Oh pleeeease!!! dear No.7, can’t you see that QT was not making documentary on WWII !? If you could’nt enjoy it, that’s too bad, but it is certainly no fault on QT!
    Just learn to enjoy genius at work, o.k.?

  8. Ya, at Christina Anderson, QT was not telling us the actual events of WWII, like any artist he was showing us his idea of it, his depiction on the war.

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