1. avatar is going to take it away again, sadly that stupid fucking Pocahontas ripoff.

  2. Oscar Committee has once again proven that they have no intelligence nor do they have any imagination to give the awards to the true visionary but perhaps not too politically correct QT.
    They had just proven how boringly conventional they are to give awards to the all-American ‘Hurt Locker’.
    I saw the movie, it was O.K. but was it truly award worthy? I doubt it.
    In ‘IB’ QT has showed the true film lovers how far the mind of real genius can stretch, how far the imagination can go and expand, and finally show it meticulously on film with group of talented actors.
    It seems the word ‘conventionality’ has never touched QT in his life.
    QT dared to show what is going on in his mind through his works, but the Award Committee is too stiff and immatured to understand.
    Well, as lots of artistic genius in the past, world usually takes a long time to understand the true worth of genius, as Vincent van Gogh, or Picasso in his abstract era.
    QT is far ahead of other directors.
    You are the best, QT !

  3. Thank You Quentin Tarantino. As a Jew, you have restored my dignity. I am deeply indebted. Much obliged.

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