Vega Brothers Lives On

Michael Madsen is still promoting the idea of a Vega Brothers movie. In the video below he says that he and Tarantino talked about it recently in Tijuana and here’s the concept as it currently stands.

“I’d be Vic Vega’s twin brother, he’d be Vincent’s twin brother and we’re both on a flight from Los Angeles, having just been released from prison, and neither one of us know that we’re the twin brother of the other one and we’re both on our way back to LA to avenge the death of our brothers.”



  1. Horrible. At this point I think the only way Madsen can have meaningful conversation with Tarantino is by spouting out terrible half baked ideas. Madsen should just let his natural hair color grow out, stop smoking and being in the sun all day CAUSE HIS SKIN IS SUFFERING FROM IT. Two words. Mel Gibson. He looks like a tanned leather bag that’s been thrown around the entire world. Michael Madsen isn’t too far behind. I used to love this guy. What happened? Oh wait. I know. Booze, drugs, alcohol and chain smoking. MADSEN, stop dyeing your hair darker than it was in Reservoir Dogs. I feel sad for you. And stop carrying on like you’re an icon. The only way you could’ve been is if you died RIGHT after Donnie Brasco was made. But you didn’t and YOU AREN’T an icon. You’re just a has been. At least that’s better than a never was, like that Bishop guy in that awful biker flick you were in. “Now go ahead and be somebody.”

  2. Yeah.. not a good idea guys. If you wanna re-hash the pulp fiction feel.. pretty obvious “prequel”.. Which I think is a good idea always have. You could get into the whole rumored Mr. Wallace sold his soul thing, Vincent in Amsterdam.. “The Wolf” origin.. lots of different ways to go with this classic.. And always throw in new players.. I do wish to see Vincent Vega and Jules back on the screen together doin there Mother Fuckin thing.. cuz they should have shotguns for this shit..

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