Inglourious Basterds Fan Fiction

QT likes the Inglourious Basterds fan fiction that he’s been seeing.

This is the greatest most flattering thing ever. I love love love love love this! I’m enjoying them writing my characters… the dialogue… It’s like Basterds is a TV show like Combat!, and these are all different episodes.

There’s a good bit of it at FanFiction.net. Anyone found any good specific stories?



  1. Please realize your audience is not always looking for for such graphic “blood & guts”!!
    Your movie “Inglorious Basterds”, for instance, is an example of vivid, shocking, totally awful, “can’t watch this movie” ,hand over mouth,
    production !!
    Yes, obviously you do have a captive audience, and yes have made huge amounts of money, BUT in my books, you are condoning cruelty
    and contributing by way of films in teaching impressionable people that our society needs this !!! ….Huh…??!
    I know you have high intelligence – ( mentioned on t.v ) -.so why on earth do you make films of this type?
    What about taking on a challenge and make worthwhile, decent movies, for ALL responsible movie go-ers?? I really liked “Pulp Fiction” perhaps you could really call it CLEVER.
    Movies used to be pure entertainment (and I love movies), but the type Quentin you seem to be making, will not make ME, pay to see them. .
    I know plenty of people who feel the same way I do
    Ali Reynolds
    South Australia

  2. Quentin, your audience loves blood and guts. (and great dialogue) Realize that!!
    Your movie Inglorious Basterds, for instance is a well paced, brutal, “got to watch this movie” experience that expresses how everyone felt about the nazis, except for Ali Reynolds and Nazis (excluding SGT Hugo Stiglitz)
    I know your fans realize that your not condoning violence, but merely exposing the primal instincts of mankind such as revenge in your movies, as it isnt something that should be done in real life!
    Leave it to Disney to make decent, suitable movies for all movie goers.
    I loved Pulp Fiction. It WAS clever.
    Movies still are pure entertainment and sure, your movies arent for everyone, but everyone has the right to choose what dvd’s or movies they see.
    The movies you make WILL make me ME to pay to see them.
    I know plenty of people who feel the same way i do.
    PS. Hurry up and make another movie!!

  3. Posters! This is not Quentin Tarantino’s personal blog! Please realize that!

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