Birds Too Loud For Tarantino

In some odd personal news for QT – he’s suing his neighbors because their pet birds are too loud.

‘On a daily basis Defendants’ Macaws, large tropical birds known for their loud squawks and screams, are placed in an outdoor aviary where they emit blood-curdling screams at random intervals for seven to eight hours each day,’ the court documents state.

Short of getting rid of the birds, I’m not sure how you are going to stop them from making noises. The birds in question are macaws – they are both expensive and long lived (when you buy one, you need to worry about who to will it to when you die).



  1. That would drive me nuts! I”d be in court as well…. just not as the plaintiff….. LOL What will you do? You don’t want to move do you?
    Hope you work it out ….


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