Iranian Protestors Inspired By Pulp Fiction

This has to be the strangest integration of Tarantino stuff with real life, ever.  Some Iranian protesters that attacked the British embassy in Tehran were carrying a big Pulp Fiction poster showing Vincent and Jules with guns drawn.

I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean politically. Anybody have theories?

There is another picture of the Pulp Fiction poster here. (I’m not positive whether this is a second poster in action, or the same poster)

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Tarantino On Year-End Lists

With 2011 coming to a close, there are alot of ‘Best Of’ type articles starting to appear. Quentin makes the list for two of them – one good, and one not so much.

The Good: The NY Post puts Pulp Fiction at the top of their list of Best Ensemble Casts In Movies. If you read the details, its clear they could have made their entire best of list from just Tarantino’s films.

The Bad: Ology names Quentin’s escapade with a 20-something girl in LA as one of 2011′s most despicable moments in film news. We originally covered the story here.

Meet Quentin On Django Set Charity Auction

Need a great holiday gift for a Tarantino lover? How about bidding on a chance to meet with Quentin Tarantino on the set of Djanjo Unchained. And its for charity!

We are currently auctioning the chance to meet QUENTIN TARANTINO on the Set of “Django Unchained” Starring LEONARDO DICAPRIO & JAMIE FOXX In New Orleans & Have Lunch with Super Producer STACEY SHER for 2. The proceeds of this auction benefit The Westland School.


Christoph Waltz Talks About Trusting Tarantino

Christoph Waltz talks about trusting Tarantino and finding fame later in life.

“I don’t know if Quentin wrote the part for me,” he says, “but I trust blindly that, if Quentin asks me to do something, he has a very specific reason.”

Waltz, of course, is playing the role of a bounty hunter named Dr. King Shultz in the upcoming Django Unchained alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. He came to fame with American audiences thru his role as Col. Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds – for which he earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

“If I’d become famous at 19, I wouldn’t have known what it meant,” Waltz says. “At 21 I would have taken it for granted, and at 22 it would have been over.”

Most of the linked article talks about his upcoming role in Carnage, directed by Roman Polanski. Lots more info about Waltz can be found at


Everything Tarantino Ripped Off

We have been using the same basic layout for this website since sometime in 2006. Big red header image. Black & white stylized Tarantino face. Content left, sidebar right.

Imagine my surprise today when I come across That design look familiar to you (see pic below for comparison)? It gets better too. Their twitter tagline is @RWatchDogs – Your #1 source for everything Tarantino! (I bolded that).

Are you fucking kidding me?


Tarantino Explains The Morality Of His Protagonists

Tarantino did an video interview with the NY Times where he talks about how he removes all morality from his characters to make them more interesting and not you typical hero-types. I think the use of bad guys as he main characters is a huge part of what makes Tarantino’s films special. You know you aren’t going to get the stereotypical happy ending, and it creates much more suspence with the audience. (via Feel Guide)