Tarantino Explains The Morality Of His Protagonists

Tarantino did an video interview with the NY Times where he talks about how he removes all morality from his characters to make them more interesting and not you typical hero-types. I think the use of bad guys as he main characters is a huge part of what makes Tarantino’s films special. You know you aren’t going to get the stereotypical happy ending, and it creates much more suspence with the audience. (via Feel Guide)


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  1. If there is a KB3 or another Tarantino/Rodriguez project coming up, I would like to recommend a quirky under the radar actress, Jodi Fung. She’d make a great addition to the type of cast these guys usually pull together. I don’t know her but just came across her name and was interested enough to check her out. Just have a good feeling about her. Seems to be a nice and fun person as well.

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