The Tarantino Universe

Reddit has a pretty good breakdown of how all the Tarantino films take place in the same universe. Be interested to see how the Django Unchained characters are connected.

Reactions to Django Unchained Cannes Footage

The 7 minute teaser for Django Unchained that I mentioned earlier this week was played at Cannes and there are several reactions from folks that got to see it:

Awards Daily: “The Tarantino film looks like the most fun of the bunch”

Shadow & Act: ” DJANGO gets the most whoops. Plenty of blood, plenty of laughs. Looks like it will be the Cristophe Waltz show”

Total Film: “Leonardo is going bad to the bone” “This is the coolest Foxx has ever been”

10 Minute Django Unchained Scene Released

…but not to the public. Sorry to disappoint.

Something to keep an eye out for: there is apparently a 10 minute scene from Django Unchained on the loose meant for international buyers. Since everything ends up on the internet these days, maybe we’ll get lucky with this scene.

The Weinstein Company are showing off a 10-minute scene from Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” to prospective international buyers. It sounds feasible. ‘Django’ has been lensing since early in the year, and what appears to be the last leg of the shoot is happening now-ish in New Orleans.