Reservoir Dogs Tribute Short Film

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the release of Reservoir Dogs, Colin Ross Smith has created a Scottish tribute film called Reservoir Dugs.

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Quentin Tarantino’s infamous ‘Reservoir Dogs’ is now almost 21 years old and has certainly aged gracefully, or maybe that’s disgracefully.

To celebrate the films ‘coming of age’ and as a tribute to Tarantino, the king of homage himself; Glasgow born Director Colin Ross Smith and a team of Scottish cast & crew have recreated it with a twist. The aptly named ‘Reservoir Dugs’ has a decidedly Scottish flavour, but it’s also a faithful recreation of the original film’s famous opening scene.

The film is Academy Award winning Tarantino’s directorial debut, originally appearing on American movie screens in October 1992 to rave reviews. It’s famous for it’s controversial violence, snappy dialogue and being one of the most influential films of it’s generation.

The short film was released online to coincide with the 21st birthday celebrations, on October 23rd and has garnered 10,000+ hits in the first week. The tribute has also been shown to Reservoir Dogs star, Tim Roth, who gave it a thumbs up seal of approval.

To watch the tribute film please visit on youtube: or visit the official website for more info at