Django Unacceptable Satire?

LeVar Burton little ticked off after hearing Tarantino didn’t like “Roots”.

‘Django Unchained’ is a fantasy, let’s be clear,” Burton told New York magazine. “And when Quentin Tarantino says that ‘Django’ is more real than ‘Roots,’ I call bullshit. I got nothing against him, but don’t go there, okay? Don’t go there, Quentin. Too many people who look like me bled and died for you to have the opportunity to satirize the slave narrative. There’s a place for satire in culture. Taken at face value, as a piece of satire, I went and enjoyed it. It was fun. Let’s just not get it twisted. ‘Django’ was not real.”

Shorter version – satire is great so long as it isn’t aimed at me. No, that’s not right. So long as it isn’t aimed at people that look like me.

Toughen up LeVar.