Harvey Weinstein On Hateful Eight

Oh, boy – here goes Harvey Weinstein talking about… The Hateful Eight:

It just so unnerves me that people think they can take a script…and put it on the Internet,” he said. “It is just crazy that we are not protecting ourselves as writers, producers and artists. It is just crazy that the public has some weird concept that they can just take this stuff.”

He said that the industry marketing machine should be able to come up with message of “what a lousy thing it is to do, how uncool it is” and “explain this to these kids who are doing this and proud of it.”

Go check the article to see his solution. Hint – he won’t have to do anything, he’s gonna have Google take care of it all.

And then there’s this mess about Hillary Clinton & Benghazi:

“There’s nothing to it,” he said of Benghazi. “I mean, there’s a lot to it, but there’s nothing to what these guys are saying. ‘Hilary Clinton didn’t answer her phone and that is how Americans died,’ that’s complete bullshit. It sounds good, but I don’t believe the guys who are saying it believe it.”

Hey Harvey. Here’s why its important – and especially to a filmmaker. Hillary Clinton got on TV – actually made commercials to air in other countries and blamed the instigation of the attack on an American citizen – a filmmaker. She/they did this for over a week despite knowing within 24 hours that it was a planned attack and not just some rowdy protesters that got out of hand. They blamed a filmmaker. I suppose the next time we have a Republican President it’ll be perfectly OK with Harvey if they stand up and blame a terror attack on one of his films – then throw him in jail.