Police Claiming Credit For Hateful Eight Struggles

The police officers who called for a boycott are taking credit for The Hateful Eight struggling at the box office.

“Can we take full credit for the stinker’s failure?” Lynch said. “Well, one thing we can attest to is that many, many good citizens have told us that they were offended by Tarantino’s ignorant, anti-police remarks and, as a result, have refused to spend their money on this movie.”

Tarantino Sinking

Part of the life story that he’s told for years – that he went to jail for unpaid traffic tickets, appears to be false.

Tarantino’s lone brush with the law, according to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, is a 2000 charge for driving without a license and failure to appear in court. He paid a fine to avoid jail.

“A check of court records revealed that in August of 2000, he paid a fine of $871, which included court costs, for violation of driving without a license,” Reed said.

The payment was “in lieu of an eight-day sentence imposed by the court,” the captain added.