Spike Lee Boycotting Django Unchained

One celeb you don’t have to worry about running into at a Django Unchained screening this year – Spike Lee is boycotting the film.

You see, Spike has decided that Quentin is too white to make movies that use the N-word (he long ago came to this conclusion). And with Django, Spike has decided that making a movie with slavery as the backdrop that doesn’t have its primary focus to convey the full horror of slavery is somehow unacceptable.

Lots of self-beclowning statements from Spike at the link.

Blaming Tarantino For Violence

Django premiere event scaled back.

This is a really bad idea. All it does is embolden those folks among us that would censor our movies, music and television shows based on the misguided opinion that if only we never saw fictional violence depicted, there would be less real violence in the world.

The Weinstein Company is the latest to curtail the festivities on a holiday season film because of the Connecticut massacre. An LA premiere had been scheduled tomorrow night for the Quentin Tarantino-directed Django Unchained. The film will still be shown, but there will be no red carpet and invited press is being asked to attend a different screening.

Django Unchained Run Time Revealed

Django Unchained final running time confirmed at 2:45.

Tarantino: It’s not a big deal. I didn’t want a three-hour movie, either. It’s a big epic and everything, so I figured it would be around 2:45, and that’s what it is. When you’re cutting it down, at that moment in time, before you watch it with an audience, you know it’s too long, but you can’t imagine taking anything out. So then you watch it with an audience, and then all of a sudden — “Oh, wow, that is kind of boring now!” or “No, this is not as suspenseful by the time we got to it as it needs to be.” But you can only go so far in the Avid room on your own. At some point, you have to watch it with an audience. And then literally 15 minutes just come flying out, where before you couldn’t imagine a minute leaving. (Laughter.)