No Mistaking A Tarantino Film

Variety has a pretty long (for them) article about Quentin Tarantino’s directing style. Its an interesting inside look at his methods and how the actors involved perceive them.

“The first thing he does is clear the entire set of all crew, and you just run the scene until you’ve got it down, and everyone feels their movement and behavior are natural in the space,” Roth says. “His movies are so detailed and beautifully composed, you feel like he has a graphic novel in his head. But it’s the opposite. All the camerawork is determined by the actors.”

Kill Bill 3 Cameos

Vivica A. Fox is angling for a cameo in Kill Bill 3 – assuming it actually happens.

If Tarantino decides to actually make this film, it will have been so many years since Kill Bill Parts 1 and 2 that it would only make sense to have flashback scenes to fill in the current audience with the backstory behind these characters. I don’t think Quentin would just make the film on the assumption that 15 years later, all the viewers have seen and remember the original films.