CSI’s Grave Danger Coming To DVD

The Quentin Tarantino directed 2005 season finale of CSI, Grave Danger, is going to be released on its very own DVD on October 10th.

In addition to the double-episode, the DVD will feature approximately 84 mins of extras including: Pilot episode of CSI and the pilot episode of CSI Miami ‘Golden Parachute’.

I’m impressed that this episode has been so well received that it merits its own separate DVD release. I knew QT would do a good job with the show, but its success has long since passed my expectations for how it would be received.

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Tarantino To Present At Emmys

Along with CSI’s William Peterson, Quentin Tarantino is going to be a presenter at this years’ Emmy Awards.

Not sure if that means he’s a lock to win his 1st Emmy (for the CSI finale episode, Grave Danger) or not. My guess is he’ll win.

“I wanted to make the ‘CSI’ feel like a movie, but it was also important that I not take more time than any other director,” Tarantino, who also had a hand in writing the script and who came up with the story idea, says. “TV is a lot precious about stuff. In a series, if you like the first take, that’s it, move on. It’s also such a different dynamic to be working with actors who have been playing the same characters for five years and know them inside-out.”

Tarantino had such a good experience with the “CSI” folks that he’s already plotting his return trip to television. He hopes to put together a limited-run series where he writes and directs all of the episodes, “like one big arc/novel. Maybe around 12 episodes. I’m gonna look into that next year.”


CSI: Grave Danger

So what did you all think of Tarantino’s CSI episode last night. I thought it was easily one of the better episode’s the show has ever had. It was also nice to see some of Tarantino’s influence show up in the show. Most noticably for me was the two conversations – first between Nick Stokes and the black CSI guy in the locker room, and the second between the old guys at the bar with the CSI’s dad who ended up giving them the $1M.

CSI Files has a roundup of the reviews for the episode. Largely positive.


A Tarantino TV Series!?

The CSI Files has a very interesting rumor/tidbit that was thrown out there by Tarantino about his work on the CSI finale episode.

Besides his love for CSI, Tarantino said he had one other reason for agreeing to helm “Grave Danger” — to prepare himself for a full-scale move into television. “I’m interested in doing a show of my own,” he said. “This was testing the water. There are some ideas that I’ve had for movies that are too long. Most people aren’t down with four hour movies. But TV has caught up with my aspirations. You could truly do these stories as a TV show.”

So what would this TV series potentially be? Certainly not the long rumored Vega Brothers, I can’t see that working in 30-60 minute chunks. Maybe a Kill Bill like show, something along the lines of the old Kung Fu series with David Carradine. There sure isn’t anything like it on TV now.

It’d be interesting to see what he had in mind. Most of QT’s stuff is told from the perspective of the villian/criminal – would that approach work on TV where the good guys have to win once a week?


Tarantino CSI Plot Revealed

The episode will be called Grave Danger, and CSI Files has the details, but below is a small summary from Monsters & Critics:

In the
episode, main character Nick Stokes is kidnapped by someone with an apparent grudge against the CSI team. By the time he wakes up again, he’s trapped in a coffin, together with his loaded handgun and a tape recorder with a message telling him it’s probably best to kill himself, as he’s going to die anyway. There’s also a webcam in the coffin, which transmits an image back to the CSI lab…

The episode is the season finale and will air on Thursday, May 19th. [Thanks to Christian for the heads up]


Tarantino Begins CSI Episode

Filming has bugun for Tarantino’s episode of CSI.

When he came in to talk to us, he told us this story about how he felt he had discovered the show when it first came on the air and he was an instant fan,” said Mendelsohn. “I mean, there’s Quentin Tarantino in our writers’ room. And he loves television. He’s watched every TV movie, every TV show and he pitched out the first idea and we said, ‘You don’t have to go any further. It’s a great idea.’”

The episode will have more bugs and blood than usual, and Shankar notes, “It is much more of a thriller than we normally do.”