Hostel DVD Announced

The details for the Hostel DVD have been announced. It is going to be released on April 18th, and will include the following special features:

  • Commentary:Director Eli Roth
  • Commentary: Director and Executive Producer Commentary with Quentin Tarantino, Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel and Eli Roth
  • Director and Producer’s Commentary with Chris Briggs (producer) and Gabriel Roth (documentarian)
  • Director and Guest Commentary with prominent online film pundit Harry Knowles
  • ‘Hostel Dissected’ Making-of Featurette
  • ‘Kill the Car’ multi-angle interactive feature
    It will also be released on UMD for the Sony PSP following the DVD release.

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    Twitch Interviews Eli Roth

    Twitch has an interview with Eli Roth up.

    D: Alright hey, no biggie. So the flick seems about half boobs and half blood?

    ELI: It’s actually a third boobs, and a third blood and then a third really creepy disturbing mystery.

    D: Yeah … wow. That’s like cool that you can get it down that exact and all. Do the actresses like vying for the boob time?

    ELI: Uh, well we talk to all the actresses ahead of time so everybody knows exactly…

    D: Like do they catfight for ya?! Dude you are so lucky. I remember one time in the seventh grade…

    ELI: No, no. We work out all the sex scenes and nudity with everyone so they’ll feel comfortable. Do you do this much? I mean usually I don’t do interviews without…

    There are also reports of a sequel to Hosel in the works.


    Hostel #1 At Box Office

    Taking in approximately $7.6 million on Friday, Hostel has the top spot in the box office race for this weekend. Current projections are for a $20 million opening weekend – an awesome start for a film that only cost $4.5 million to make.
    Congrats to Eli Roth (JoBlo interview) for the success, and to Tarantino for pimping the film to a bigger audience than it would have otherwise seen.
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    Hostel Hits Theatres

    No info yet on how well it did at the box office, but it shows up as the 6th most popular film as of Friday on the Box Office Mojo website.

    If you are going to go this weekend, feel free to email me with your thoughts on the film and I’ll aggregate them into a post. I’ve got too much other stuff already scheduled to see it until next week.

    A couple of the Hostel movie posters are now for sale over at Movie Goods. Click the posters below to buy them.

    Hostel movie showtimes

    Hostel Soundtrack (released 1/24/06)