Tarantino Sinking

Part of the life story that he’s told for years – that he went to jail for unpaid traffic tickets, appears to be false.

Tarantino’s lone brush with the law, according to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, is a 2000 charge for driving without a license and failure to appear in court. He paid a fine to avoid jail.

“A check of court records revealed that in August of 2000, he paid a fine of $871, which included court costs, for violation of driving without a license,” Reed said.

The payment was “in lieu of an eight-day sentence imposed by the court,” the captain added.

Wereworld – Rise of the Wolf

Another book recommendation for you. This one is a bit odd as I found it in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble while picking out a Skylanders book for my 5-year-old son. Its a whole series, and the covers were just so outrageously ridiculous (see what I mean) that I had to check them out. Turns out, its a pretty good story and I’m working on the 2nd book already. Wereworld Book 1: Rise of the Wolf.