Pulp Fiction Trends on Twitter

Sunday night, Pulp Fiction was playing on HBO Signature, and enough folks were tweeting about it that it became a trending topic at Twitter.  I retweeted a bunch of the comments that people were making.  I was surprised at both the number of tweets and the percentage that had not seen the film before.

Hard to believe Pulp Fiction is old enough that the generation of kids in high school and college now were babies when it was released in theaters.

Introducing Tarantino Films To Friends

Interesting thread started over on Reddit about what order you’d have your frind watch Tarantino’s films if they had never seen one before. 

Consensus seems to be Pulp Fiction first, and Death Proof last – which I agree with.  Love the irony that most everybody would introduce his films out of order considering that out of order film sequencing is the single most identifying trait of a Tarantino film

Even though he only wrote it, I’d also throw True Romance into the first half of his films. Its a great story and very much feels like a Tarantino film even though he didnt direct it.

Iranian Protestors Inspired By Pulp Fiction

This has to be the strangest integration of Tarantino stuff with real life, ever.  Some Iranian protesters that attacked the British embassy in Tehran were carrying a big Pulp Fiction poster showing Vincent and Jules with guns drawn.

I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean politically. Anybody have theories?

There is another picture of the Pulp Fiction poster here. (I’m not positive whether this is a second poster in action, or the same poster)

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Tarantino On Year-End Lists

With 2011 coming to a close, there are alot of ‘Best Of’ type articles starting to appear. Quentin makes the list for two of them – one good, and one not so much.

The Good: The NY Post puts Pulp Fiction at the top of their list of Best Ensemble Casts In Movies. If you read the details, its clear they could have made their entire best of list from just Tarantino’s films.

The Bad: Ology names Quentin’s escapade with a 20-something girl in LA as one of 2011′s most despicable moments in film news. We originally covered the story here.