Brosnan Back As Bond Again

Apparently, the Bond people couldn’t find anybody better to play James Bond than Pierce Brosnan, so they convinced him to stay on as Bond for Casino Royale.

Previously, Brosnan had said that the only way he would continue playing Bond was if Tarantino was involved in the making of Casino Royale. But, it was reported back in February that Martin Campbell will direct Royale.

So now I’m left wondering if Brosnan just backed off his demand to have Quentin involved with the film, or if there will be a forthcoming announcement that Campbell is out and Tarantino is back in. My hunch is that this is just Brosnan backing down, but we can always hope.


Casino Royale Yes, Tarantino No

Well, the next James Bond movie is confirmed as Casino Royale, but Tarantino is not going to be involved. Instead, the Bond folks picked Martin Campbell who also directed GoldenEye.

Ultimately, I think this decision was made to keep Bond about Bond, and not run the risk of letting it become a Quentin Tarantino movie about Bond. It likely also relegates the series to just a bunch of ‘more of the same’ movies that will continue the legacy without enhancing it one bit.

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Tarantino Wants A Shot At James Bond Film

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Someday I’m going to get the rights to do Casino Royale, the first James Bond novel, and do it the right way. I really wanted it to be my followup to ‘Pulp Fiction’ and do it with Pierce Brosnan, but have it take place after the events of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ – after Bond’s wife, Tracy, has been killed.”I want Bond to be in mourning when he falls in love with Vesper Lynd, the woman in the novel. From what I know of Brosnan and read in interviews, I think he’d want to go in the direction I’d want to take Bond, though I’m not certain producers of the series would agree.”