Vega Brothers Lives On

Michael Madsen is still promoting the idea of a Vega Brothers movie. In the video below he says that he and Tarantino talked about it recently in Tijuana and here’s the concept as it currently stands.

“I’d be Vic Vega’s twin brother, he’d be Vincent’s twin brother and we’re both on a flight from Los Angeles, having just been released from prison, and neither one of us know that we’re the twin brother of the other one and we’re both on our way back to LA to avenge the death of our brothers.”


Return Of The Vega Brothers Rumor

I wasn’t going to post about Michael Madsen talking about Vega Brothers again, but I’ve gotten a few emails and I see that JoBlo has picked it up. Here’s what Madsen said:

“Well, first he [Tarantino] said he would do it, then he said he wasn’t going to do it. Then he called me and said, ‘You know, I’ve figured out a way to do it. It can’t be a prequel because you and John don’t look the same. It wouldn’t make sense as a sequel because you’re both dead.’ And he gave me an idea that would be really outrageous – that John and I would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent. We come from Amsterdam to LA to avenge the deaths of our brothers. I think that’s pretty interesting. For me, I’d love to do it.”

The problem I have with this is that its basically the same thing Madsen said back in 2003 and QT has said contradictory things about the film for ages.


Grind House Details, Plus Bastards Info

Tarantino talks Grind House and Inglorious Bastards, with a tidbit in there about Vega Brothers.

As previously reported, Grind House will be in 2 parts. Robert Rodriguez part is called Planet Terror and Tarantino’s section will be Death Proof. Rodriguez film has a zombie theme and Tarantino’s is a slasher film, but with a car.

The film will also feature trailers for fictional movies:

“That’s one of the things we’re looking the most forward to, shooting the phony trailers that will play in between the movies. I’m working out my blaxploitation trailer, and possibly a kung-fu trailer, a sexploitation trailer, a spaghetti-western trailer. I just need to kind of work them out a little bit. I’m just getting them down there, but I think for sure I’m going to do the sexploitation trailer, which is called Cowgirls in Sweden. “

As for Inglorious Bastards, here’s what QT had to say:

…will probably be the next thing I do after I finish Grind House. That will be my next big Mount Everest, climb-the-mountain kind of project.

I’ve got a big portion of it done. I’ve been waiting for all the Kill Bill stuff to be over with, and then to maybe chill on it a little bit, and then [get] ready to finish writing it. … I have like five years of writing behind me now, and I just need to add one more year to it.


Vega Brothers, Again

Maybe I ought to read the magazines I get sent to me. Apparently, in the copy of Rolling Stone I liked to previously, and which now sits to my right – still unread – Tarantino confirms there will be a Vega Brothers movie [thanks to CerebralAsasin for the link] and it may even come before Inglorious Bastards.

It’s a sequel to both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, actually, it’s a sequel and it’s a prequel. It’s the Vega Brothers, played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta. I have been trying to do it for years, and the more time I take, the older these two guys get. But I’ve come up with an idea that won’t much matter how much they age….the magic of movies. It’s going to be great. It’ll be funny, and these guys are so great, alright, they’re going to be like two oversized mob-men fighting over the last bowl of pasta, that we can’t go wrong. It’s just going to be John and Michael, and I hope to make this my next movie. We’re laying down the pipework for it now.”

Now, before we all get our panties in a bunch with excitement, lets remember that QT has been kicking around this idea for the better part of 5 years now. Plus, there’s this story from ComingSoon where Tarantino himself completely contradicts the Rolling Stone info.

In an interview with a local radio station here in San Antonio (Mix 96.1, The Woody Show) yesterday, Quentin stated that yes he had an idea for the Vega Brothers but it’s not really moving and wouldn’t be his next film. He said that even though he had an idea he didn’t have a story, that it’s not worth doing without a good story, and that there won’t be a story until he gets really inspired to write one.

Also, since we’re on the topic of potential future Tarantino films, Anne has set up an online petition to get Tarantino to make Casino Royale – the Bond film that I mentioned back in October of 2003


Vega Brothers Is A Go – Says Michael Madsen

Just to preface this – this film has been rumored for years, and Madsen seems to be its biggest supporter, so this could just be wishful thinking.

Once upon a time there was going to be a Vega Brothers movie and then as time went by Quentin decided that it was impossible. John and I are like 10 years older and so we couldn’t really make a prequel.

How could we make a story about two guys who before they are both killed were 10 years older.

So he told a big crowd of people in San Diego that there wasn’t going to be a Vega Brothers movie, but then he went off to Mexico for a couple of days and he called me right when he came back from there to tell me that he had came up with an idea and a concept that would make the characters work and I can’t tell you what it is but I can tell you that it is definitely back on his mind and I do think there is going to be a Vega Brothers movie.


Vega Brothers vs Pulp Fiction Sequel

I’m not sure how a Pulp Fiction sequel would work considering the fate of Vincent Vega, but I’m willing to cut some slack to resurrect those characters.

UPDATE: Mike Sampson from JoBlo has some serious reservations about whether this is true or not.

Via Dark Horizons:

Quentin Tarantino gave an interview to New Zealand’s Aotearoa News to promote Kill Bill and was asked about the status of the Vega Bros. movie which appeared dead after comments by Michael Madsen in July but may not be after all -

“That’s something I always planned on doing, but other projects took precedence. Ten years on , John Travolta’s getting older, Michael’s getting older. I don’t think they’d even want to do it. Not that that’s the last hope audiences have of seeing more of Vic or Vincent Vega. There’s an idea I have a Pulp Fiction follow-up. Sequels generally suck, so it’s nothing I want to rush into. But Bottom line the studio wants it, the fans want it. I’m sure I can compromise somewhere. It’d be my way of apologizing for never getting Vega Brothers off the ground I guess. That way, we could get John, we could get Michael, and we could get Sam and Tim…everyone back. It would be interesting to see whatever happened to Jules and his plans to ‘walk the earth’. Hey, just having Michael and John in the same frame would be great. They’re great. But that said, I got to write such a thing”.

Also, here is the largest single collection of Kill Bill images I’ve seen. Many have already been posted on this website and elsewhere, but there’s at least a dozen that I hadn’t seen before.

Vega Brothers Movie Is Doubtful

Apparently, Michael Madsen doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about when it comes to what movies Quentin Tarantino intends to make. Yesterday, I posted the story where Madsen claims that Quentin would be making The Vega Brothers next year. But today, from Tarantino himself, is a refutation of that story:

JoBlo Q: Will the VEGA BROTHERS be your next movie? (the rumored prequel film which would feature Madsen as Vic Vega (aka Mr. Blonde) and John Travolta as Vincent Vega (from PULP FICTION)

Quentin: I might write it still, but I


Michael Madsen Confirms Vega Brothers Movie

The rumor of a Vega Brothers (Vincent, from Pulp Fiction, and Vic (Mr. Blonde) from Reservoir Dogs) movie has been around a while and usually dismissed as impossible because it would be a prequel and both Madsen and Travolta are too old looking to pull it off. Well, Madsen says differently:

“All I can say is Quentin wants to make The Vega Brothers. He already has it in his head. But it has to be soon. Maybe next year? It will be set in Amsterdam.”

If it is made next year, it would have to be after Inglorious Bastards because that is apparently next in line for Quentin.