Police Claiming Credit For Hateful Eight Struggles

The police officers who called for a boycott are taking credit for The Hateful Eight struggling at the box office.

“Can we take full credit for the stinker’s failure?” Lynch said. “Well, one thing we can attest to is that many, many good citizens have told us that they were offended by Tarantino’s ignorant, anti-police remarks and, as a result, have refused to spend their money on this movie.”

Characters or Composites?

The Mary Sue goes off on Tarantino after interview with Bret Easton Ellis. Its a classic, ‘We like him, but…’ article.

And I’m not in the camp that says that able-bodied, straight, cisgender white men can never write characters of color, or women, or disabled characters, or trans characters. But when they do, they should do so thoughtfully. They should be smart about it and get input from the community they’re writing about. And since no community is a monolith and thinks the same things are not offensive, be prepared to have those conversations in a non-defensive way.

Got that Mr. Filmmaker? You aren’t allowed to just write a character. You need to get your character vetted by a committee of people from the same liberal identity box. You aren’t allowed to just write a character, you are supposed to create an unoffensive liberal identity composite. It doesn’t matter how you actually want your individual characters to act – if they aren’t glowing examples of brilliance by the standards of their liberal identity, then you are gonna get attacked.

Oh, and Jezebel still hates Tarantino.