Gary Oldman As Drexl Spivey

In an article primarily about Gary Oldman’s new movie Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, they also list 10 previous great roles Oldman has had – including Drexl Spivey in True Romance.

The name alone will delight cineastes with a fondness for quirky Quentin Tarantino characters, one of the best being Oldman’s cacophonous white-boy pimp from Tarantino’s first screenplay. With a ludicrous set of dreadlocks, gold fronts and a stream of gangsterspeak, Oldman devours everything in sight in just seven minutes of screen time.

Introducing Tarantino Films To Friends

Interesting thread started over on Reddit about what order you’d have your frind watch Tarantino’s films if they had never seen one before. 

Consensus seems to be Pulp Fiction first, and Death Proof last – which I agree with.  Love the irony that most everybody would introduce his films out of order considering that out of order film sequencing is the single most identifying trait of a Tarantino film

Even though he only wrote it, I’d also throw True Romance into the first half of his films. Its a great story and very much feels like a Tarantino film even though he didnt direct it.

Tarantino Is Picky About His Blood

The IMDB link to this little tidbit will expire shortly, so I’ve just copied the info here for you:

Hollywood hero Quentin Tarantino is back – and he’s as bloody as ever. The True Romance scribe has finally completed his long-awaited fourth feature film as a director, Kill Bill, which stars Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, and in the tradition of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, it will be a bloody affair – except this time Quentin’s demanding extra-special fluids.

He says, “I’m really particular about the blood, so we’re using a mixture depending on the scenes. I say, ‘I don’t want horror movie blood, alright? I want Samurai blood.’ You can’t pour this raspberry pancake syrup on a sword and have it look good. You have to have this special kind of blood that you only see in samurai movies.”

True Romance Film Details

Theatrical Release Date: September 10, 1993

Runtime: 121 minutes

Primary Cast: Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Bronson Pinchot, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, James Gandolfini.

Tarantino’s Input: Screenplay writer.

Screenplay: Final version

Synopsis: True Romance is really part of a loose trilogy that includes Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, with a crackling Tarantino screenplay that rides a fine line between raucous comedy and violent excess. Christian Slater plays Clarence, the comic-book lover who meets a beguiling prostitute named Alabama (Patricia Arquette), confronts her vicious pimp (Gary Oldman), and embarks on a cross-country odyssey with $5 million worth of Mafia cocaine. Mayhem ensues, culminating in a favorite Tarantino climax–the “Mexican standoff”–in which a roomful of guys are pointing guns at each other, waiting to see who shoots first. Brutal, profane, and totally outrageous.
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