Jackie Brown Prequel In The Works

So is it possible that Quentin Tarantino is going to be working on a prequel to Jackie Brown once he finishes up with Django Unchained? It appears the Jackie Brown prequel is going to happen, but no, Quentin isn’t involved.

The story takes place about 15 years before “Jackie Brown,” and (John) Hawkes and (Yasiin) Bey will portray younger versions of criminal characters Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie. In “Jackie Brown,” Gara was played by Robert De Niro, with Samuel L. Jackson portraying Robbie.

Much like Jackie Brown, the prequel will be based on the novel The Switch by Elmore Leonard. Jackie Brown was based on Leonard’s novel Rum Punch.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Django Unchained

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about the new Batman and Spiderman movies along wih his role in Django Unchained.  At least we think he has a role – his answer was weird.

Although reported to have been cast in Quentin Tarantino’s now-in-production Django Unchained, the actor’s response indicates it’s not yet a done deal: “I hope so! I really want to do it, man.”

Tarantino has always been one of my very, very favorites, and just getting to know him a little bit has been such a thrill for me. He’s exactly who I wanted him to be, and that doesn’t always happen when you meet your heroes. He’s totally that guy! He’s so enthusiastic, good-natured, and just loves f***in’ movies.”

Analysis of Reservoir Dogs ‘Ear’ Scene

The Onion AV Club does an analysis of the Mr. Blonde straight razor scene from Reservoir Dogs. Hard to believe that film is 20 years old.

Then there’s Mr. Blonde’s little dance routine, which Madsen performs with exactly the right degree of half-assed mockery. Given this showcase—it’s just him and someone who’s bound and gagged—a lot of actors would choose to showboat, really cut some moves. Madsen understands that Mr. Blonde is terrifying because he doesn’t give a shit, which means he isn’t gonna expend any real energy even on a performance expressly designed to humiliate a torture victim. He doesn’t so much dance as just kinda shuffle a little, doing the absolute minimum necessary to convey rhythmic movement.