James Gray’s War With Tarantino

James Gray (The Yards andLittle Odessa with Tim Roth) talks about how hard it is to get small movies made, and his ‘war’ with Tarantino.

His earnest, emotional style earned him a reputation as the anti-Tarantino early on. “It made it seem like I was in a war with Quentin, which is ridiculous,” he said, rejecting the media’s comparisons. “I have huge admiration for what he can do. When you see movies that he does, the audience is so enraptured, I can’t do that. He has talents I can never even approach.”

Tarantino’s Next Film Is A Western

He’s been working up to this a while now, but finally revealed it on Jay Leno.

Django was a ‘Southern’, but had alot of the themes, sets, and feels of a Western. Heck, even parts of Kill Bill were very Western-ish. I’m interested to see where Quentin takes this – is is going to be something that fans of Westerns will like, or will it still be so distinctly Tarantino that it overwhelms the intended genre.

Wereworld – Rise of the Wolf

Another book recommendation for you. This one is a bit odd as I found it in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble while picking out a Skylanders book for my 5-year-old son. Its a whole series, and the covers were just so outrageously ridiculous (see what I mean) that I had to check them out. Turns out, its a pretty good story and I’m working on the 2nd book already. Wereworld Book 1: Rise of the Wolf.

Tarantino’s Hero – John Brown

Why Quentin Tarantino Is Wrong About John Brown.

QT: I would one of these days love to do the John Brown story, he’s one of my biggest heroes of all time; and I’d actually like to play John Brown because I think I kind of look like him a little bit. But I’m actually thinking that may be the last movie I’ll ever make–I’ll be 59 or 60, I’ll look the right age, I’ll be the right age. And so, that’s like an Unforgiven thing–

RR: Why is he such a hero?

QT: Because he pretty much ended slavery all by himself. And like all great patriots, was tried for treason [laughter]. I mean he’s the only white man that’s ever earned a spot on black history calendars, alright, and there looking you in the eye. Nobody saw slavery the way he saw it, and “if we have to start killing people to stop this then they’re going to know what time it is.” I just love him. He’s just my favorite American.

The takeaway from this story: a new rumor that Tarantino’s next film will be about John Brown! :-)

Tarantino Will Not Portray Roger Corman

It was rumored earlier this week that Tarantino may have been cast to protray Roger Corman in a biopic about Corman. Today, that rumor is being denied. And I hope the denial is accurate as Corman deserves a decent biopic, and I fear Tarantino is too big a personality to play this role. If he played the role, too much of the focus on the film would be about Quentin and not about Corman.

‘Quentin is a great filmmaker and a good friend,’ he said of the 50-year-old, ‘However there is absolutely no truth to the stories that he is going to play Roger Corman.’

Kaboom Cereal from Kill Bill

Remember the box of Kaboom cereal that Vernita Green used to hide a gun in Kill Bill?

Well, Ace has put together a post with everything you could ever want to know about Kaboom cereal. My favorite tidbit:

Kaboom was for people — children, I mean — who had decided to give up on life. And it’s a sad thing for a six year old to have already thrown in the towel and said, “Ah well. The hopes and dreams of kindergarten are ultimately exposed as so much folly. Give me the Kaboom, Ma. I’m ready to settle.”