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Much like Tarantino’s career – we are not dead yet.  Though our previous server is, along with lots of data that wasn’t backed up properly.


Oh well, it was a nice unwanted vacation, but we are back in action now and hopefully can get things rolling again.

Spike Lee Gets Pushback For Django Criticism

This is exactly what needed to happen. Wish it had happened quicker after Spike spoke up. And it should have been harsher. Spike is little more than a race hustler trying to maintain his fame by injecting himself into other people’s work. Not every atory about WW2 is going to focus on the horror’s of the death camps, and not every story set in the slavery days of the south is going to focus on the horror’s of slavery. If thats an important story to tell – perhaps Spike should tell it. He is (or at least was) a gifted filmmaker.