Can Tarantino Revive Himself?

He brought back Travolta. He revived Pam Grier. Can he resuscitate himself?

Thats the question that Slate is asking. Everybody is sooo concerned for poor Quentin – as one guy said in the comments section of another article on this site – its like everybody thinks he was a cute boyband back in the mid 1990′s, and now his audience has outgrown him.

Now, for the first time in his wunderkind career

Lucy Liu Talks Martial Arts

Lucy made the cover of Jane Magazine (article not online), but the Washington Post has a little excerpt:

Lucy Liu practices kali-eskrima-silat, a martial art involving sticks and knives. And while she’s shown off her skills in the Charlie’s Angels movies and Shanghai Noon,” she’s never had to use them to defend herself in real life.

“Thank God, no, but it has made me more aggressive,” the 5-foot-3-inch actress told Jane magazine for its October issue.

After seeing Liu in action, Quentin Tarantino wrote a character for her in his upcoming martial-arts film, the two-part “Kill Bill.”

“Quentin has an incredible knowledge of cinema,” the 34-year-old actress said. “And to have somebody like that come up to you and tell you, ‘Hey, I wrote this role for you. What do you think?’ It makes you feel like you’ve done something right.”


Big Tarantino Interview

The Independent has a large interview with Tarantino where he discusses everything from splitting Kill Bill into two movies, to reminding us that the blood in his movies is just colored syrup. Read the whole thing – its worth it. Here’s a couple of things QT had to say about Kill Bill Volume 1:

It’s a different kind of thing. I wanted it to be more of a burst of adrenalin.We’re getting the Bride on her way, and we don’t want to get lost. And we’re also setting up how she can’t be stopped. One of my favourite shots in Volume 1 is just her in that wheelchair. She wakes up, she kills these guys, her bottom half doesn’t work, but that’s not going to stop her, she can’t be stopped.

Also, this was an action movie. I don’t need that dialogue to exist, what’s there is good, and you’ll get more of that in the second movie, but I don’t have to live or die by it. I’m giving you something I haven’t given you before. And it’s got to be good so you don’t miss the dialogue.

UPDATE:Coming Soon! also has some additional stills from both Kill Bill v1 and v2 that weren’t part of the latest Mirimax press blitz.


New Kill Bill Trailer Is Released

The new theatrical trailer is now up and viewable from Yahoo! Movies.

UPDATE: I just got a chance to watch the trailer for the 1st time – WOW. This film just moved up a couple of notches on my expectation list. The fight scenes looked solid, the wire work wasn’t over-done – and it had a wonderfully campy feel to it. A nurse wearing an eyepatch with a red cross on it? Please, it just doesn’t get any funnier than that.

UPDATE #2: Here is a Quicktime version of the trailer for you.


What Took Tarantino So Long?

According to Christopher Kelly, most of the time between Jackie Brown and Kill Bill was spent working on the screenplay for Inglorious Bastards. While that’s true, what Kelly doesn’t mention is that the whole schedule for Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards got pushed back because of Uma Thurman’s pregnancy. Kelly is also ‘worried’ about just who wants to see a Tarantino movie these days:

There’s also this question: Who, exactly, is his audience supposed to be this time around? The college kids Tarantino connected with in the early 1990s likely still consider themselves fans. But at this point, burned out long ago on all the Tarantino wannabes of the late ’90s, they might prefer to give their box-office dollars to the more playful and droll Coen Brothers (whose Intolerable Cruelty also opens Oct. 10). As for today’s college kids — will they have even seen Reservoir Dogs, much less care about its director’s motor-mouthed, movie-obsessed aesthetic?

Kill Bill Soundtrack Info

Its now available for pre-order from Amazon. Here’s whats on it:
1. “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – Nancy Sinatra
2. “That Certain Female” – Charlie Feathers
3. “The Grand Duel – (Parte Prima)” – Luis Bacalov
4. “Twisted Nerve” – Bernard Herrmann
5. Queen Of The Crime Council – dialogue excerpt from film (Lucy Lui and Julie Dreyfus)
6. “Ode To Oren Ishii” – The RZA [New]
7. “Run Fay Run” – Isaac Hayes
8. “Green Hornet” – Al Hirt
9. “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” – Tomoyasu Hotei
10. “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” – Santa Esmeralda
11. “Woo Hoo” – The′s
12. “Crane”/”White Lightning” – The RZA/Charles Bernstein
13. “The Flower of Carnage” – Meiko Kaji
14. “The Lonely Shepherd” – Zamfir
15. You’re My Wicked Life – dialogue excerpt from film (David Carradine, Julie Dreyfus, Uma Thurman)
16. “Ironside” excerpt – Quincy Jones
17. “Super 16″ excerpt – Neu!

Kung Fu Stings and SFX:
18. Yakuza Oren 1 – The RZA [new]
19. Banister Fight – The RZA [new]
20. Flip Sting
21. Sword Swings
22. Axe Throws