Django Unchained Script Thoughts, Part 1

Had it for months, but just started reading the Django Unchained script this week.  I’m only about 30 minutes into it, but here are some early thoughts:

Christoph Waltz is going to win another Oscar for this role.  The writing is witty and fits him perfectly.

The movie starts quickly, with 2 great sequences right off the bat.

The dialog is funny.  Not laugh out loud funny, but the kind of funny where you find yourself smiling thru the whole thing.  I’d call it classic Tarantino, but that understates its cleverness.


Christoph Waltz Thrown From Horse

Its interesting that he seems to be doing quite a bit of publicity for Carnage while filming Django Unchained.  Regardless, its our gain because he keeps dropping little nuggets about Django that we wouldn’t otherwise ever get.

Today, we find out that he got thrown from a horse during the filming.

He wouldn’t elaborate on his injuries, but lets hope its nothing more than some bumps and bruises.


Christoph Waltz Talks About Trusting Tarantino

Christoph Waltz talks about trusting Tarantino and finding fame later in life.

“I don’t know if Quentin wrote the part for me,” he says, “but I trust blindly that, if Quentin asks me to do something, he has a very specific reason.”

Waltz, of course, is playing the role of a bounty hunter named Dr. King Shultz in the upcoming Django Unchained alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. He came to fame with American audiences thru his role as Col. Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds – for which he earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

“If I’d become famous at 19, I wouldn’t have known what it meant,” Waltz says. “At 21 I would have taken it for granted, and at 22 it would have been over.”

Most of the linked article talks about his upcoming role in Carnage, directed by Roman Polanski. Lots more info about Waltz can be found at ChristophWaltzFans.com.