‘Jackie Brown’ Author Elmore Leonard Dies at 87

Sad news today that Elmore Leonard has died.

Elmore’s connection to the Tarantino universe was the novel Rum Punch, which was then made into the film Jackie Brown.

Back in February of 2012, there were rumors that a prequel to Jackie Brown – sans QT involvement – was going to be made based on the Leonard novel The Switch (it apparently never happened). CORRECTION – the prequel is happening and its called Life of Crime.

Leonard is currently most famous because of the Justified TV series – which was based on his novels as well.

Jackie Brown Prequel In The Works

So is it possible that Quentin Tarantino is going to be working on a prequel to Jackie Brown once he finishes up with Django Unchained? It appears the Jackie Brown prequel is going to happen, but no, Quentin isn’t involved.

The story takes place about 15 years before “Jackie Brown,” and (John) Hawkes and (Yasiin) Bey will portray younger versions of criminal characters Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie. In “Jackie Brown,” Gara was played by Robert De Niro, with Samuel L. Jackson portraying Robbie.

Much like Jackie Brown, the prequel will be based on the novel The Switch by Elmore Leonard. Jackie Brown was based on Leonard’s novel Rum Punch.